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Proposed Fireworks display

posted 6 Sept 2016, 01:46 by Dave Duffy
We are trying to organise a fireworks display for the local community on Friday 4th November at the cricket club. As always, we are only going to be able to do this if we have sufficient volunteers to help with taking gate money, supervising the car park, running the bar etc etc. The event should only run for a few hours on the Friday evening so shouldn't impact significantly on anyone's social life (it might even improve it!). 
This event will benefit both the club and the wider community but whether it ultimately goes ahead depends on getting enough people involved who are willing to give up a handful of hours.
As you may know, the regular day to day activities at the club are run by a handful of volunteers who give up their time for free and juggle their responsibilities with their jobs and families. Whilst we do our best, there is only so much we can do without the help of others to run events successfully. The fireworks display is one such event. This is your cricket club and your community which needs to be supported. You don't need to have an interest in cricket to assist, just a bit of goodwill and time.
If you would like to see this event go ahead, please offer your support by contacting officials@standishcc.co.uk

Standish Cheers committee